In Brazil, i mostly shot digital photos and Super8. I found this to be my favorite combo; I love my Nikon D700 like I imagine I'll love my son, and my Bolex 155 super8 rarely leaves the grip of my fingers, anywhere. I did however shoot one roll of Kodak Gold 200, which i deliberated to be a thoughtful and miscellaneous collage spanning the entire trip. I don't think I've ever made a roll last so long, traverse so much distance, and expose to so many non-sequential subjects. Needless to say, while my appendage of a D700 enjoyed Brazil extensively, the un-mysticalness of dumping a day's worth of photos to a computer only fueled the daily increase of my excitement to see this hodge-podge roll.

Well, here is what I got back, basically a roll of Bubble Wrap. 90% of the photos are illegible. The upper three are what pulled through, and the bottom is just to remind you of what lines a UPS box. X-ray machines 1, Morgan 0. I'm not angry, just... befuddled.

lone surfer
city center
sleeping street dog
straight up



On Wednesday i purchased a Canon 7D to shoot video, and so far I'm very impressed with it's ability.



I think this is my favorite photo.
It's so powerful, raw, intense, yet so soothing and majestic.
A moment i would do anything to be able to witness, to feel the mist and hear the roar.
photo by Sam Ellis.