One of my most sincere (and secretive) passions is advertising. A well designed, witty, honest, raw, shocking, or just plain simple ad will always capture my appreciation. Especially considering how pathetic America's advertising is, versus the rest of the planet's.

The first and last time I viewed this advertisement was in a private theater in downtown London, at the age of 10. The theater was housed in a prominent digital design firm's building, where me Mum's two god-brothers had just finished directing the CGI in the above clip. it was something else to watch that spot on a 40ft screen. And so, yesterday I was beyond elated when i was reunited with the commercial.
I love the rough, wild attitude it carries, with such profound imagery.

To me, it is not even an ad, but art.


lazywaves said...

this is an iconic ad .. can't believe it didn't make it stateside? it IS art

Thom said...

yea in the UK and Ireland this ad is famous and well remembered. And as an Irishman who loves his Guinness and his wave riding...Epic!

Le Vyusher said...

I'm interested to know who invented this one. I saw this a long time ago and was stoked out and probably did a lot for my vision of things creative in terms of surfing media. Most American beer drinkers probably would have thought the last part gay, that's why they didn't air it here. hahah. I kid. Nice find, M.


Sarah Lee said...

so amazing. so amazing.

Anonymous said...

I once took some mushrooms and saw the same thing while surfing blacks! horses in the whitewater! dragons too though