In Brazil, i mostly shot digital photos and Super8. I found this to be my favorite combo; I love my Nikon D700 like I imagine I'll love my son, and my Bolex 155 super8 rarely leaves the grip of my fingers, anywhere. I did however shoot one roll of Kodak Gold 200, which i deliberated to be a thoughtful and miscellaneous collage spanning the entire trip. I don't think I've ever made a roll last so long, traverse so much distance, and expose to so many non-sequential subjects. Needless to say, while my appendage of a D700 enjoyed Brazil extensively, the un-mysticalness of dumping a day's worth of photos to a computer only fueled the daily increase of my excitement to see this hodge-podge roll.

Well, here is what I got back, basically a roll of Bubble Wrap. 90% of the photos are illegible. The upper three are what pulled through, and the bottom is just to remind you of what lines a UPS box. X-ray machines 1, Morgan 0. I'm not angry, just... befuddled.

lone surfer
city center
sleeping street dog
straight up


jhall said...

Whats the story behind your trip? Was it for work or simply pleasure?

Santos SurfArt said...

love the last one...

This is not Ian said...

Diggin the last one too!