I am elated to have finally acquired a Hasselblad 500cm. I've shot several rolls on it so far and am enjoying both the challenge of the camera & format as well as the quality of image it produces. I'm excited to travel with it, as the system really has you slow down and exert patience to achieve a good photograph. I'll be posting photos soon!


DanNad said...

Hi Morgan,

Stoked on this, I looked forward to seeing the images this fine piece of machinery produces with you behind the lens.


Unknown said...

same here; just got one a month ago, and like you il like the challenge and the fact that it slows you down. my biggest surprise was the razor thin depth of field; i love it! i was worried that at 2.8 i'd not be able to put background out of focus, but that is not the case, but you need to spot on for the focus! those zeiss lenses are amazing. when i switched back to film last summer, i thought that my m6 was challenging, but this one is more challenging but so much fun, and i love the waist level viewfinder. I also got the 45 degres prism viewfinder but only like it when using it with my 250 (and 1.4 extender) for surf action shot.
enjoy the ride with your new 500 c/m!


c-los said...

yes!! cant wait to see what you come up with

Dave said...

good on ya Morgan.
Its my most treasured camera and I can wait to see what you produce from that puppy


Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Yeah, I shot with a Mamiya Super 645 for awhile, before trading it for a Canon 30D (due to the need of a better DSLR for my job). The medium format cameras definitely present a focusing challenge, but getting those incredibly detailed negatives back is always worth the effort. And, since you pull focus digital cinema on your 7D, I'm pretty sure you'll have no trouble manually focusing. Enjoy. I'm going to treasure my medium format negs forever, and I'm sure you will appreciate yours just as much, too!

Anonymous said...

Best thing that has ever happened to this blog